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December 5, 2018
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The Role and Responsibilities of Executives Assigned to Implement a Robotics and Automation Strategy
A recent IDC survey found that for 37% of companies surveyed, lack of a champion and support from top management was a top challenge during their robotics project. This point helps to emphasize the need for the Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) role to support an increase in the number of robotics related initiatives across industries. Companies of all sizes: large, mid, and small are looking at robotics and automation to help propel the operation into the modern era. As we have only just started this journey, this session will discuss:
  • What is the role and responsibilities of a robotics champion?
  •  How does the role fit into your overall organization chart? Who will they report to? Who will report to them?
  •  What skill set is required for this role to implement an effective robotics strategy?
  •  How to recognize the pros and cons of having a dedicated robotics champion within your organization.
  •  What are the characteristics required of this executive to be effective with fellow team members and other departments?
Defining What You Want to Solve to Maximize Robotics Value
Gain a deeper understanding of what you are trying to solve and the possible solutions to secure a successful robotic implementation. Learn how to create realistic expectations for management and your organization. This session will help you answer the following:
  • What am I trying to solve and why?
  •  What do I hope to achieve?
  •  Why do I want to implement robotics?
  •  What steps need to be taken to ensure and grow a successful adoption?
Automation Roadmap: The Relationship Between the End User and the System Integrator 
With so many choices for automation services and suppliers, we all understand the complexity of the path before you. In this session, the speaker will provide direction, as you learn more about your own automation initiative, and decide, Is Automation Right for Your Company and how to get started? A strategy for Automation is more like a Journey and no better way then following a systematic approach that someone has already figured out. In today’s world of Industrial and Robotic Automation, it can be confusing regarding where to start, OR how to find the “go-to” resources for your automation needs. Is this internal or external? The goal of the session is prepare you with something your team can take away and perform, if anything, give you the questions to start asking on your journey to deciding If Automation is right for your Company?
  • How to create an infrastructure to implement best practices as you automate.
  •  What cultural changes need to considered and possibly changed.
  •  What safety implications need to be reviewed?
  •  What considerations need to be included in a risk assessment.
Finding a Partner and Managing a Business Case for Change
Now that you know what problem you are trying to solve and have your roadmap to get there, next is figuring out who to partner with. Learn about your options for automation, pricing, and more. This presentation will address the following:
  • Understanding the trade-offs between capital and operational expenses when deploying robots.
  •  Defining and measuring your project business case.
  •  Costing Models: What are your options? Evaluating how to select the right model for your organization
  •  Pros and cons of buying vs. leasing.
  •  What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a system provider?
  •  Identifying the metrics you need to measure to determine success.
  •  Structuring your pricing model to effectively measure and maintain an ROI.
In order of session
John Santagate
Research Director
Nicholas Akiona
Lead Robotics Researcher
Accenture Labs
Craig Salvalaggio
Vice President
Applied Manufacturing Technologies
Roger Counihan
Vice President
Sales Fortna
What You’ll Learn 
  •  Who a Chief Robotics Officer is, what they do, the skills needed to get the job done, and how that applies to your organizational structure
  •  How to identify that you need to implement automation in your organization
  •  How to successfully begin an installation in your warehouse
  •  Ways to obtain buy-in from management
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